Cara Young Sings National Anthem At Obama Rally

Wellington resident Cara Young performed the National Anthem in front of almost 9,000 attendees of President Barack Obama’s GOTV campaign rally Tuesday, Oct. 23 at the Delray Beach Tennis Center.

Young, a 15-year-old Dreyfoos School of the Arts 10th-grade student, won the Wellington Idol competition earlier this year. Her father, Jody, has been assisting Obama’s Organizing for America Campaign effort in his current role as campaign manager for State Rep. Mark Pafford’s campaign for District 86.

“When OFA extended the invitation, since Cara is a vocal major at Dreyfoos and is allowed excused absences for performances representing the school, it was a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her,” Jody Young said.

“President Obama stopped on his way to the stage and shook my hand and told me ‘great job,’” said Cara Young, who admits to being more nervous than ever before singing in front of her biggest audience ever as well as for the President of the United States.


Above: Cara Young sings the national anthem at a rally for President Barack Obama Oct. 23 in Delray Beach.