Muscle Works Will Offer Sports Nutrition And Supplements

A father-and-son team is bringing a new concept in sports nutrition and supplements to Wellington. Ken Muller, a former college baseball player at the University of Connecticut, and his son Troy, a former college football player at Georgia Southern University, are working together on their business venture, Muscle Works Supplements.

“My family takes fitness seriously,” Ken said. “My daughter and both of my sons played and excelled in high school sports. The nutrition aspect of competition is a key to success. We took our love of sports, bodybuilding and fitness, and directed it into this new venture.”

Ken is also a former high school baseball coach. “During the off season, many of my players were motivated to get bigger, stronger and faster,” he said. “I was concerned with their workouts and choice of supplementation. The competition in school is intense, and the competition for scholarships is even more intense. Steroids are very dangerous and illegal. We are here to educate and help people realize their goals with safe and effective nutrition products.”

Muscle Works Supplements will have a complete inventory of nutritional products. “We will have the best prices on sports vitamins, proteins, weight-loss products, fat burners, amino acids, pre-workout drinks, and many other products,” Ken said.

Muscle Works Supplements will be opening its first store in December at 10220 W. Forest Hill Blvd. in the Pointe at Wellington Green. Its product line will be geared to serious fitness enthusiasts.

Muscle Works Supplements will be offering brand-name products such as Cytosport, Optimum Nutrition, Gaspari, EAS, Cellucor, BSN, MusclePharm, Controlled Labs, Reaction Nutrition and many others at discount prices. Unlike the national chain stores, special membership cards or coupons will not be necessary. Future locations include West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. For additional information, contact Ken Muller at (954) 907-2955.