Physicians Wellness Care Offers Neuropathy Treatment

By Dr. Sabrina Morgen

Neuropathy and chronic pain is characterized by numbness, tingling, stabbing and/or sharp pain, loss of sensation and/or balance, and poor tissue perfusion. These symptoms indicate that oxygen is not getting to all the cells, causing dysfunction.

Because the patient’s quality of life is decreased, these results are often devastating. Pain medications do not cure the condition; they only help to mask it and, eventually, lead to complications with adverse side effects such as mental confusion and intestinal problems.

There is a new, safe and 96 percent effective treatment that facilitates the healing of neuropathy — electroanalgesia. This treatment is pleasant and has no side effects. It stimulates leg and arm muscles to contract and relax, thereby increasing blood velocity and volume with fresh blood to the nerves and muscles.

Electroanalgesia stimulates all the nerves with a signal larger than normal to re-establish the pathways for subsequent normal signals to follow. It causes the brain to release endorphins that reduce global pain and anxiety and increases muscle strength for safe, pain-free walking.

Electroanalgesia promotes better mobility and balance as proprioception returns to the legs and feet, and reduces swelling as muscle contractions encourage lymphatic drainage and movement to the proper nodes.

The osmotic pressure and the ionic tension from the electroanalgesia signals successfully jumping across the gaps then carries these necessary minerals into the synaptic junctions between the nerve cells helping to restore the conductivity that is lost. The restorative signal promotes healing of superficial skin sores and non-healing ulcers on the feet and re-polarizes the nerve membranes that may have been disrupted by neurotoxins.

The treatment works for both the hands and the feet. The technology improves and restores sleep and increases mobility without drugs, invasive medical procedures or surgery. It improves quality of life by increasing mobility and reducing the need for pain medication.

If you or someone you care about suffers from neuropathy, feel free to call Physicians Wellness Care at (561) 964-9191 for a consultation. Medicare and major medical policies are accepted.

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