Ideal, Dream Schools Support Food Drive

The Ideal and Dream Schools in Royal Palm Beach participated in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office 2012 Thanksgiving food drive by collecting 1,629 cans of food for donation.

Each class from kindergarten through eighth grade was challenged to collect as many cans as possible and to form those cans into a sculpture. Each class was assigned a parking space in the school parking lot to set up their creation. Once completed, the students and parents voted to determine the winner of the contest.

The voting was close, with several very creative food sculptures, including those by kindergarteners, who designed a football stadium in honor of a favorite Thanksgiving pastime, while first-graders turned a red wagon into a bird’s nest full of baby cardinals, and second-graders reconstructed the Eiffel Tower. The middle school students were not to be out done, and their formations included a castle, a giant piece of pumpkin pie and a One Direction concert.

Michelle Hogan’s fifth-grade class constructed a fire-rescue station in honor of the school’s ongoing spring canned food drive program “I Can,” for which students, parents and teachers jog (or walk) the 3-mile round trip to the local fire-rescue station in Royal Palm Beach, holding in their hands two cans of food to donate. Danielle Derion’s fourth-grade students converted their food cans into a spectacular Hollywood red carpet premiere event.

When the votes were tallied, Michelle Carter’s third-grade class came out on top, utilizing over 400 cans to create a giant octopus sea monster. At the end of the day the formations were broken down, and the 1,629 cans of food were donated to the PBSO. This donation was the third-largest received by the PBSO — quite an accomplishment, considering they were competing against schools with up to 10 times the student population.

The Ideal Preschool, Elementary and Dream Middle School is a private school in Royal Palm Beach for students who excel in academics, art and character.

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Above: Michelle Carter’s third-grade students with their winning food sculpture, Sea Monster.