H.L. Johnson Aims To Be ‘Green School Of Excellence’

Royal Palm Beach’s H.L. Johnson Elementary School has embraced a new green event called “Green Day.”

On the last Thursday of the month, students get to wear green and bring in items for the school to recycle: juice pouches, glue bottles, glue sticks, tape dispensers, crayons, shoes, school uniforms, ink toners, cartridges and cell phones, paper and cardboard. Large collection boxes are located at the front of the school near the car loop.

Future Green Day events will take place Dec. 20, Jan. 31, March 28 and May 30.

The school earns two cents for each juice pouch, glue bottle, glue stick and tape dispenser through Terracycle. Money is earned by the ton for paper and paper-related items such as magazines and newspapers through SP Recycling. Ink toners, cartridges and cell phones earn the school money, as well, each having their own worth through Dade Recycling.

Students can also bring these items any day of the week, as each classroom has a collection box where a designated “green patrol” will monitor when it’s full and empty them into larger boxes located in the art room and computer lab.

Last year, H.L. Johnson won an award for being recognized as a Green School of Quality by the Palm Beach County School District. This year, the school is striving to win the Green School of Excellence. For more information, visit www.ourgreenschools.org.