’Twas The Week Before Christmas…


’Twas the week before Christmas
and all through the west,
the grown-ups slept soundly
’cuz they’d done their best.

Their children were cared for,
and presents piled high.
Not one would be left out,
not one would dare cry.

These grown-ups worked hard
at their jobs the year through.
But they also worked for
The unfortunate, too.

They donated, gave and
signed numerous checks,
so each child — not just theirs —
would enjoy the effects.

Of Christmas (with all
of its glitter and fluff),
and Santa (with his
magical bagful of stuff).

The Marines did their job
and gathered up toys,
The B&G Club helped out,
both the girls and the boys.

Bill’s Bikes shared the wealth
with Kids wanting ’cycles,
And artists made crafts with
supplies bought from Michael’s.

Some groups gathered clothing
and undies and shoes;
some gathered up PJs
in reds and in blues.

Some donated food
to the hungry and then,
went down to the soup
kitchen — did it again.

Even those who did not
have one minute to spare,
worked out some small way
they were able to share.

And this is the thing
that makes the west great.
They work hard; they play hard,
They ap-pre-ci-ate.

They welcome you in,
then they help you out.
They have lots to give,
and they do give it out.

’Cuz it’s not just their status
that you may perceive.
It’s that they know “better
to give than receive.”

And, yes, there are some
who just take, never give,
but they’ll learn by example.
They’ll learn how to live.

So when you see photos
and names (and the places),
that collected donations,
take note of the faces.

Then thank them… your neighbor,
your doctor, your friend…
’Cuz these are the people
who worked ’til the end.

To make sure all kids enjoyed
Christmas this year,
and their parents faced 2013
with hope and not fear.