Wellington Chamber Ribbon Cutting For SuperFit Gym

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed SuperFit Gym as a new member. The gym is located at 8233 Gator Lane, Suite 14, in West Palm Beach.

The business is owned and operated by Julian and Yvonne Gibson-Serrette. Both are retired, professional bodybuilders who have won many medals and titles on the state, national and international levels, several being first place.

SuperFit Gym trainers have more than 25 years of personal experience and knowledge in the area of bodybuilding, as well as certifications in many specialty areas for optimal fitness and health. These trainers will most likely have you voluntarily sweating, breathing deeply, biting the bullet and eating more green plants at home as they bring you to your physical goals.

Julian was born in Trinidad and Tobago and started getting involved in bodybuilding at the age of 19. In 1983, he moved to Miami, where he continued to compete and train others. “When you live on the islands, it’s a very physical type of upbringing, especially 50 years ago,” Julian said about how he got involved in working out and being fit. “We pretty much walked everywhere. Everyone was active. You swam; you biked; you walked. So it was pretty much ingrained in you to be active.”

Yvonne was born and raised in Miami. She was always active and enjoyed going to the gym. One day Yvonne met a bodybuilder who encouraged her to compete in an upcoming competition. She did so and won, and her career path unfolded from there.

Yvonne met Julian in 1987. Julian became her coach in nutrition and choreography (presentation) at her first nationals. “She came in second place,” Julian said. “It was unheard of for a newcomer to come in and place that high.”

After that, Julian became Yvonne’s full-time nutrition coach.

Julian explained that their SuperFit Gym’s 50- to 60-minute classes are all designed by their trainers, who have are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of proper nutrition. The gym’s classes include functional, high-intensity movements (such as rowing, running, biking and jumping) and basic strength lifts. They incorporate multidirectional and isolation exercises in order to strengthen all muscles and muscle groups.

SuperFit Gym is stocked with all types of equipment, including TRX, Bosu balls, all types of free weights, climbing ropes and jump ropes. For better flexibility, the gym offers active isolated stretching sessions with a certified stretch practitioner.

Within the community, SuperFit Gym supports a variety of animal welfare organizations and organizes several fundraisers throughout the year.

For more information about SuperFit Gym contact Julian or Yvonne at (954) 258-6840 or superfitvegan@aol.com, or visit www.superfitvegan.com. For more about the Wellington Chamber, visit www.wellingtonchamber.com.


Above: Joanne T. Dee, Evelyn Perez, Mark “Boz” Bozicevic, SuperFit Gym’s Yvonne and Julian Gibson-Serrette, Becca Hargreades, Dr. Randy Laurich, Carmine Marino and Bob Salerno.