Wildcat Boys Basketball Squad Falls To Atlantic 86-57

The Royal Palm Beach High School boys varsity basketball team fell 86-57 to Atlantic High School on Friday, Dec. 7 in Royal Palm Beach.

The Wildcats got off to a slow start and were not able to stop Atlantic from dominating.

In the first several minutes of the game, Atlantic shut out Royal Palm Beach, making three 3-point baskets in a row to take an early lead. The Eagles put in 11 points before the Wildcats finally responded with a 2-point shot by Buck Levasseur. But it was quickly returned for another Eagle 3-pointer.

Atlantic had 20 points on the board when the Wildcats scored their next basket, a rebound by Ivenor Rosier off a shot by Jojo Williams to make the score 20-4.

Then Travis Weatherington sank a 3-point basket to narrow Atlantic’s lead 20-7 with a minute left in the first period. The Eagles responded with a 2-point basket and a penalty shot to end the period 23-7.

Royal Palm Beach had problems hanging on to the ball, giving away more than 20 turnovers, which were turned into points for the Eagles. On the other hand, Atlantic made several penalties that resulted in Wildcat baskets.

Though Royal Palm Beach kicked up things a notch later in the game, they couldn’t stop the Eagles, who kept a near-consistent 20-point lead on the Wildcats for most of the game. Atlantic took an even greater lead in the third period, finishing the game nearly 30 points ahead, with the final score 86-57.

The Wildcats hosted Wellington High School on Saturday, Dec. 8, coming away with a 67-63 win. They notched a 62-48 victory over Pahokee on Tuesday, Dec. 11. The team will host Olympic Heights High School on Friday, Dec. 14 at 7:30 p.m.


Above: RPB’s Jimmitry LeBlanc guards an Atlantic player.