Wildcat Dancers Perform At Disney

The Royal Palm Beach High School Wildcat Dancers dance team, under the artistic direction of Dance Director Michele Blecher, performed on the main stage at Disney Downtown Theater on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Before the dancers arrived, the audience arena was filled to capacity with a standing-room-only crowd. As the dancers began their show, other Disney visitors scrambled to find the best viewing area to watch their show. The audience cheered at the gymnastic stunts, professional partner lifts that would rival the American Ballet Theater and the professional dancing they saw during the show.

The Wildcat Dancers’ performance was a huge success, not only with Disney visitors but also Disney staff members in charge of entertainment. Dance Team Captain Bryce Blecher was offered a spot to audition to become a Disney dancer.


Above: Michele Blecher (center) with the Wildcat Dancers dance team.