Elite Networking Pros Welcomes Michael Horwitz

Elite Networking Pros has announced Michael Horwitz as a new member.

Horwitz has been helping buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords with their residential real estate transactions in Palm Beach County for more than 10 years.

With a background in banking and financial management, Horwitz’s success in helping his clients achieve their goals is often driven by finding the opportunities that make sense financially while meeting the needs of the families.

Because today’s market is dominated by distressed properties, this fundamental understanding is a key element that has made so many of Horwitz’s clients winners, and has led to many referrals from families and friends.

Elite Networking Pros brings together a group of Palm Beach County business owners and professionals who are truly best-in-class in their respective industries. Its members bond together to help each other succeed.

Belonging to Elite Networking Pros is like having a team of salespeople working for you. Every member interacts with friends, clients and business associates who could use your products or services. Elite Networking Pros members will refer you with confidence because of the trust that builds as a result of being a part of Elite Networking Pros.

Elite Networking Pros meets every Friday morning for breakfast from 7:30 to 9 a.m. in Royal Palm Beach. For more information about the club, or to attend one of its weekly meetings, visit www.elitenetworkingpros.com.

Above: Michael Horwitz