Nominations For WILA Due By Feb. 1

Executive Women of the Palm Beaches is seeking nominations for its 30th annual Women in Leadership Awards.

The awards are given to three Palm Beach County women who have made outstanding accomplishments in the volunteer, private and public sector, recognizing outstanding achievement, generosity of spirit, and a commitment to integrity and diversity. Nominations must be received on or before Friday, Feb. 1.

The nominee must have lived or worked in Palm Beach County for at least five years, excel in the category for which she is being nominated and must have made a demonstrated difference in Palm Beach County. A description of each category follows:

• Private Sector — A woman who is self-employed or is employed by a for-profit business or organization and has excelled in her job or profession.

• Public Sector — A woman who is employed by a not-for-profit business or organization or by a municipal, county, state or federal government, and has excelled in her job or profession. (Nominations cannot be accepted for judges, state legislators or employees of legislators, due to their restraints.)

• Volunteer Sector — A woman with a history of outstanding commitment to her community through unpaid leadership positions.

A nomination form and a 4” x 6” photo are all that is needed to nominate a friend or coworker. The form is available online at Those interested may also e-mail or call (561) 684-9117 for information. Sponsorship inquiries are also welcome. Awards will be presented at the WILA luncheon on May 2.