Savon’s Academy Hosts Holiday Basketball Camp

By Gene Nardi

Savon’s Academy held its Holiday Basketball Camp Dec. 26-28 and Jan. 2-4 at the Royal Palm Beach Recreation Center. The event was a success, as nearly 20 campers, both boys and girls, attended to improve their skills of the game.

Basketballs bouncing from the floors echoed through the gymnasium. “We’ve been conducting these camps since 2009,” camp founder Savon Smith said.

Smith founded Savon’s Academy to help kids improve their skills while focusing on the fundamentals of the game, with an emphasis on respect and discipline.

Savon has been working with kids for many years, and credits his inspiration from the well-known basketball legend Willie Worsley, who Savon had the opportunity to play for in his earlier days. Worsley was a member of the famous 1966 Texas Western College, now known as the University of Texas El Paso, the team coached by Don Haskins. The movie Glory Road tells the story of that team.

The academy brings an experienced staff of volunteers to assist with each camp.

“We try to put on several camps throughout the year for kids of all ages, from kindergarten to high school,” Smith said. “We also coordinate fundraisers as well, working together with the community.”

Each session of the holiday camp took place over a three-day period as kids from the western communities came together to develop their skills. Campers later had the opportunity to put their skills to the test in full scrimmages. The camp also contributes in the efforts to bring competitive basketball to Royal Palm Beach.

“There are great facilities in the village, and a great recreational program,” Smith said. “We are very close to bringing a travel program here as well.”

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ABOVE: Dexter Dixon works with a camper as Savon Smith looks on.