Crestwood Mathletes Soar At County Tourney

Crestwood Middle School competed in the 51st annual Middle School Mathematics Tournament Feb. 6. This competition included the majority of public, private and charter middle schools in Palm Beach County.

Crestwood’s mathletes were as follows: sixth-graders Naissa Aime, Kaeli Bassieres, Dustin Karp, Justin Phan and Austin Russell; seventh-graders Yassiel Carmona, Ashlee Carter, Matthew Emerick, Akash Patel and Nicole Pena; and eighth-graders Owen Flannagan, Serena Rampersad, Christopher Rice, Adam Travaglini and Alex Wong. These students spent three weeks studying packets of advanced mathematical material in preparation for the tournament. This was above and beyond their regular competitive academic studies. Teachers Havela Drucker and Blanche Martin are proud of their accomplishments and the way they presented themselves to the community as well-behaved and respectful adolescents.

The top three students in Crestwood were Flannagan, Carter and Rampersad. Flannagan ranked fourth in the eighth-grade and fourth in the entire county. Carter ranked among the 15 top seventh-graders in the county. Both brought home ribbons, trophies and other prizes. Flannagan won a silver edition TI-84 calculator to add to his vast collection of valuable mathematical instruments.

Crestwood would like to thank the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to assist in transporting the students. The school also thanks Principal Dr. Stephanie Nance for her continued support and financial backing for such academic endeavors.


Above: Crestwood’s team of mathletes who competed Feb. 6.