New Horizons Holds Responsibility Pep Rally

New Horizons Elementary School celebrated responsibility at a recent school-wide pep rally.

Students were encouraged to show responsibility in a variety of ways by fellow students, staff and the Wellington High School pep band — all examples of people who demonstrate responsibility. New Horizons Cub Scouts presented the flag with fifth-grade student Maddison Loftus singing the Star Spangled Banner. The WHS pep band, under the direction of student directors Jenny Bermudez and Joey Hempfriling, performed many rousing selections.

The New Horizons Music Club percussion ensemble, under the direction of music teacher Veronica Dillingham, performed numbers that demonstrated practice and hard work.

WHS drum major Jenny Bermudez, New Horizons Principal Betsy Cardozo and Assistant Principal Mickey Simmel encouraged students to show responsibility by making good choices. Guidance counselor Lynne Bray inspired students to show responsibility by knowing what’s expected, doing it and by choosing to have the following work ethic: do your work, do it well, and do it on time.

Students rallied together as they chanted the New Horizons student motto: “I am a safe and respectful learner. These are the skills I work on each day. I am safe; I am respectful; I am a learner. I stop, think and then choose!”


Above: Participants of the New Horizons responsibility pep rally.