TKA Elementary Choir Performs For Seniors

King’s Kids elementary choir from the King’s Academy recently visited the senior residents of the Classic in West Palm Beach, and entertained them with a musical performance.

The senior audience was appreciative of the performance, and many commented that it is their favorite yearly event. Following the group’s stage performance, the vocalists went into the crowd and sang Christmas carols with the audience members.

The Classic residents enjoyed being able to participate as everyone in the room had fun singing songs together. The King’s Kids members had a difficult time saying goodbye after such an enjoyable experience.

“This is always such a sweet performance for our kids,” King’s Kids Director Robin Phillips said. “While the students are blessing this wonderful audience with their God-given talents, they are blessed in return by the audience’s heartfelt appreciation and kindness. We are thankful to be able to share Christmas with them every year.”


Above: Jeff Willcox, Mark Witzen, Emily Kintz and Lacy McBride sing with Classic residents.