Wellington Chamber Welcomes AAA Travel And Insurance

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for AAA Travel and Insurance, located at 4075 State Road 7 in Wellington.

The company is a not-for-profit, taxpaying corporation that provides services to its 53 million members in areas such as automotive, insurance, travel, financial and discounts. Its national headquarters is located in Heathrow, Fla., and the company employs 40,000 full-time workers throughout North America and has more than 53 million members.

Kathleen Euler is one of the managers at the Wellington location.

“We offer many services here in the Wellington branch,” Euler said. “We specialize in insurance products, personal lines and light commercial. We also offer travel services like tours and cruises. We always stand behind our AAA standards; we’re all about customer service. That’s how the organization was created, and we’re carrying that on. As people are searching on the Internet or in other offices looking for services and prices, we make sure that the customers we are serving are receiving the best possible rates. Besides representing our own company, we represent other companies also. These are all top-rated companies, so we will look for that very best rate for our client.”

When discussing the travel services her company offers, Euler said that AAA travel agents are well traveled and know what vacation destinations are like first-hand. In addition, members receive tour books that provide ratings on different hotels and events. The books also identify hotels that are offering discounts.

“It’s a show-your-card-and-save thing, which is a great benefit all around,” she said.

In the community, AAA is the organization that sponsors the crossing guards at the South Florida Fair and has done so for many years. In addition, the company has a traffic nonprofit foundation.

“When people renew their memberships, part of those funds go to lobbyists, who are able to help work toward different laws that we want to have passed, most recently the safety belt law,” Euler said. “We are now working on [a] helmet law, trying to get helmets back on motorcyclists, and a cell phone texting law prohibiting texting while driving. We are doing everything we possibly can to make sure people are safe. That is our foundation. Customer service and safety — that’s what we’re all about.”

For more information regarding AAA, call (561) 357-3475 or visit www.aaa.com. For more information about businesses in the Wellington area, call (561) 792-6525 or visit the new Wellington Chamber of Commerce web site at www.wellingtonchamber.com.


ABOVE: Bob Salerno, Gary Whelpley, Mark “Boz” Bozicevic, Carlene Siemucha, Randi Aylor, AAA’s Kathleen Euler, Denise Carpenter, Carmine Marion and Joanne T. Dee.