Renowned Karate Master Visits Villari’s

Villari’s Studios of Self Defense in Wellington, in conjunction with co-host Villari’s Academy of Martial Arts Royal Palm Beach, were proud to welcome master instructor and 10th degree black belt John L. Fritz to the Wellington location on Friday, March 15.


Master Fritz, whose martial arts career spans nearly 50 years, shared some of the key principals he has learned with students from the many Florida Villari’s locations. Master instructor David Wilson was pleased with the response from students.

“Everyone who attended the seminar had a fantastic experience and were very excited to share in the celebration of Master Fritz’s recent promotion to the 10th-degree black belt ranking,” Wilson said.

The rank of 10th-degree black belt in shaolin kempo is the highest that can be received from the founder, 12th-degree black belt and Great Grandmaster Fred Villari. This ranking is reserved for only the foremost authorities in the system. Currently there are only four such masters in the world.


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