Ridge Series At Mida Farms Honors Jan Tops

Global Champions Tour founder Jan Tops was the guest of honor Friday, March 8 during the ninth week of the Ridge at Wellington’s $175,000 1.40m Invitational Series held on Tops Field at Mida Farms. Tops, for whom the field is named, was on hand to watch as top riders, amateurs and juniors took the course, giving their horses new experiences. For more info., visit www.theridgefarm.com. Shown here are Wellington Mayor Bob and Linda Margolis with Victoria McCullough and Jan Tops.


  1. Interesting to see Mayor Bob at Mida farm horse shows with his legal defense cash contributor Victoria while at the same time he tries to shut down the Equestrian Village show complex of ESP. He won’t even allow the city to eat lunch at the crown jewel of Wellington, the PBEIC show grounds, but he visits and supports Mids Farm shows.

    Just goes to show a personal $4500 cash donation from Victoria meets his approval level for support.

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