$30,000 Donation From AmTrust Bank

AmTrust Bank, a division of New York Community Bank, presented a $30,000 cash award to the Housing Partnership and the Parent-Child Center, nonprofit members of the Community Partnership Group (CPG), in a check presentation Wednesday, March 20 in Riviera Beach.

The contributions mark a commitment of AmTrust Bank to support the housing and children’s mental health services of CPG, which offers nearly 50 programs throughout Palm Beach County to meet the social and economic needs of at-risk children and families.

“We are a hands-on bank, extremely committed to service in the communities where we have a presence. Not only do we hope to see families thrive with their savings and investments, we want to be part of a greater quality of life for all people,” Regional Executive Brian Lynott said. “We learned of the impact the Community Partnership Group was making in creating a difference in the lives of the local community, and we wanted to partner with them.”

CPG’s President & CEO Patrick McNamara welcomed AmTrust Bank as a key investor in changing the odds for at-risk families. Early childhood and home stability are a focus of CPG’s efforts to improve life in threatened areas of the county.

AmTrust Bank is a member of the NYCB family of banks and a division of New York Community Bank. The AmTrust Bank division has had a presence in Florida for over 20 years. For more info., visit www. amtrust.com or call (877) 786-6560.

Join the Community Partnership Group cause. The Partners in Compassion monthly giving program is currently underway and accepting contributions. To donate, visit www.gocpg.org or call (561) 841-3500, ext. 1081. Follow the group on Facebook and Twitter.

The Community Partnership Group manages the Housing Partnership and the Parent-Child Center, nonprofit organizations serving Palm Beach County for over 30 years. For questions, information and donor opportunities, e-mail lmorse@gocpg.org, call (561) 841-3500 or visit www.gocpg.org.


Above: (Left to right) AmTrust Bank Assistant Vice President Andrea Kalina, Community Partnership Group Director of Development Laura Morse, Community Partnership Group CEO Patrick McNamara and AmTrust Bank Regional Executive Brian Lynott.