Air Atlantic Offers The Latest In AC Technology

A great air-conditioning system not only keeps your home or business cool and properly ventilated, but also keeps out harmful particles that irritate allergies.

Air Atlantic Air Conditioning, a family-owned and operated business, has been providing quality air-conditioning installation, service and repairs since 1977.

“My father started the company, and before he passed, he had one of the oldest AC licenses in the western communities,” co-owner Michael Petrone said. “He had one of the first AC companies out here and was like a pioneer. He was with us up to about three years ago.”

Michael, along with his son Michael Jr. and brother Steve, have continued to carry forward the family legacy.

Air Atlantic specializes in residential homes and installs new AC units for existing homes and new construction. “We were in Wellington doing the new homes when they first started building them,” Steve said.

Michael even recalls when Wellington was mostly farmland. “I remember riding my bike back by the Aero Club,” he recalled.

Over the past 30 years, AC units have gone through tremendous improvements. Many of the units do more than just blow out cool air; they’re a hybrid of air conditioners and air purifiers.

“The new air purification systems with UV lights have been going over pretty well,” Michael Jr. said. “What this does is cleanse the air of any bad toxins and allergens like mold and dust.”

This is better for people’s health, he explained. “Especially in Florida, where we have high humidity, the air can get saturated with allergens,” Michael Jr. said. “Many people notice improvements in their health because of these air purification systems.”

The Petrones advise their clients who have older units to replace them as soon as possible, in order to experience the multitude of benefits newer AC units provide.

“The units now are lasting longer, like about eight to 15 years in the South Florida environment, and they break less often,” Michael said.

Older AC units are also more expensive and less energy-efficient. “It’s amazing how much money you can save by upgrading your unit,” Michael said. “People call us back to say they’ve saved over $100 on their electric bill.”

Air Atlantic makes the process of buying or replacing an AC unit as easy as possible. “We supply everything,” Michael said. “It’s a one-call operation, where we supply them with the right product for their home, install it and service it.”

Air Atlantic keeps current with the latest in AC unit products to ensure that clients are getting the best available service.

Specifically, Air Atlantic offers products such as the new Wi-Fi thermostats, which people can use to control the temperature from their phone or computer; purification systems installed in the AC unit that cleans the entire house; and all name-brand AC unit models, but preferably Rheem.

“It’s one of our top brands and sellers, but we do carry everything good that’s out there,” Michael Jr. said.

For clients who need their AC units serviced, Air Atlantic can set up regular service dates.

“We recommend our clients get their air conditioners serviced twice a year,” Michael said. “Some of the newer air conditioners, in the warranty information section, it says you have to have them serviced a certain amount of times a year in order to keep the warranty.“

For more information, call Air Atlantic at (561) 793-0450.


Above: Air Atlantic’s Michael Petrone, Steve Petrone, Sarah Petrone and Michael Petrone Jr.