Dance All Night Offers Classes At All Skill Levels

Learn how to dance the night away at Dance All Night, a Latin and ballroom dance studio located in the Wellington Marketplace.

Whether you’ve never danced in your life or you’re looking to polish your skills, Dance All Night offers group and private sessions for all dance levels.

Dancing has always been one of owner Eric Ocando’s favorite hobbies. “It was all about girls in the beginning,” he recalled. “I used to DJ when I was in my 20s. I loved music and dancing, and thought it was a great way to get girls interested in me.”

When Ocando started to learn formalized dancing, he realized how much he enjoyed it. “I loved everything about it,” he said. “I loved learning about the different styles and the culture behind it.”

Ultimately, Ocando realized he really enjoyed teaching dance. “Seeing someone come in very shy, scared and insecure,” he said. “And the next thing you know, a year later, they have gained confidence, made new friends and dancing becomes part of their lifestyle.”

Ocando has developed his dancing skills, teaching others how to dance for 17 years. “I have also done coaching for some pros, but I strictly teach people who just want to know how to dance,” he said.

After teaching in Palm Beach Gardens for many years, Ocando decided two years ago that it was time to open his own studio. In addition to Ocando, Dance All Night has two other instructors experienced in teaching Latin and ballroom dance.

Dancing is an extremely versatile activity, Ocando said. “It’s a way to socialize and make friends, connect with your spouse or partner, or exercise,” he said.

However, it takes practice to learn the skill. “Dancing is like going to the gym.” Ocando said. “You’re not going to see results if you only go once a week.”

The more you dance, the better you get. “You have to dedicate yourself to it,” he said. “And it’s a lot more fun than going on the treadmill and watching the clock go tick.”

The studio makes dancing a fun and exciting experience for singles and couples. “We offer private lessons by appointment only and group lessons,” Ocando said. “We also have social parties, which are very popular.”

Dance All Night parties are designed to provide students a controlled environment for dancing. “They are with their peers, and everybody does the same thing,” Ocando said. “They all know what it’s like to be nervous and insecure about dancing, but they all do it. Then we put on some music and have a good time.”

For people who want to learn how to dance, Dance All Night offers a beginner-level salsa class for only $5 on Monday nights at 8 p.m. “It’s always beginner-level salsa,” Ocando said. “So you can jump in at any time, and you’ll still be doing the same routine.”

On Tuesdays at 8 p.m., Dance All Night offers an intermediate and advanced salsa class. “We always recommend that people try the beginner-level first,” Ocando said.

Dance All Night is located in the Wellington Marketplace at 13889 Wellington Trace, Suite A-23. For more information, visit or call (561) 753-7836.


Above: Dance All Night owner Eric Ocando teaches students during a group class.