Cody Lagana Receives Award For SWA Participation

Cody Lagana received the Anita Lankler Award for outstanding participation in the Solid Waste Authority Adopt-A-Spot Program at the SWA’s 2013 volunteer brunch on April 27.

Lagana started his Adopt-A-Spot Group called the Litter Busters over a year ago, and the group has grown from nine members to 20. The group received the award for the many volunteer hours they have contributed to the program.

Litter Busters not only clean their own adopted location quarterly, but the group also participates in a number of events throughout the year, most recently Wellington’s Great American Cleanup and the Coastal Cleanup. Lagana also volunteers at other events for the SWA such as the South Florida Fair and SunFest.

Lagana is a freshman at Wellington High School and a member of the People to People leadership program. If you would like to become a Litter Busters member, contact Lagana at


ABOVE: Cody Lagana receives his award from SWA representative Linda Moreno.