Home-Like Assisted Living At A New Age Of Senior Care

At A New Age of Senior Care, residents of the assisted-living facility are treated like part of the family.

Located in Wellington, the nine-bedroom, six-bathroom, 4,500-square-foot facility recently increased its bed capacity from 6 to 14.

The husband-and-wife team of Tony Borges and Diana Yanes opened A New Age of Senior Care in December 2010 to provide quality care to local seniors.

Prior to opening the facility, both were working in different careers — Yanes for the Bone Marrow Foundation’s recruitment department and Borges as an accountant.

The idea to open their own assisted-living facility developed when Yanes needed a place for her elderly parents and 98-year-old grandfather to live.

“My mother, who was taking care of my grandpa, had a health issue,” Yanes recalled. “She was no longer able to take care of him along with my dad.”

Yanes and Borges diligently looked for a facility for her parents and grandfather to live, but were unsuccessful in finding one that fit their needs.

“We didn’t like what we saw,” Yanes said. “Either the place was way too big, where my grandpa would get lost, and the small places, we just didn’t like the quality of care.”

Yanes and Borges believe that their facility’s quality of care and service is what sets them apart from others. “We try to make it like a home,” Yanes said. “So when residents leave their homes and come here, they don’t feel like they’re in a nursing home environment, but their own home.”

Friends who run assisted-living facilities encouraged Yanes and Borges in their mission. “One owner told us that they were turning people away because they did not have enough space to meet the demand,” Borges said. “There is a great need in this community for quality care, and we knew we could give it.”

To create A New Age of Senior Care, they began by remodeling a rental property they owned. “We already owned this building, the economy wasn’t doing so good, and we just didn’t want to be landlords anymore,” Borges said.

Everything from the décor to the meals is designed in a home-like atmosphere. “Everyone eats together at the dining room table like family,” Yanes said. “It’s really like a big family, and residents really enjoy that.”

A New Age of Senior Care maintains residents’ health by bringing in doctors and nurses through their healthcare providers. The facility also has nine caregivers on staff, providing 24-hour supervision. “We have supplementary care such as labs and a dermatologist,” Borges said. “Everything that the client needs for their health comes to the facility.”

Being of Cuban descent, for Yanes and Borges, respect and proper care for the elderly is part of their culture. They applied this custom to their business. “They’ve become part of the family,” Yanes said. “Even our caregivers become like family, and we have all the same ones from the beginning.”

A New Age of Senior Care is located at 1074 Hyacinth Place, Wellington. For more info., visit www.newageseniorcare.com or call (561) 847-4548.


ABOVE: Tony Borges and Diana Yanes, owners of A New Age of Senior Care.


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