Kids From Palms West Alliance Salute Favorite Teachers

Palms West Alliance Church hosted a Teacher Appreciation Banquet for 25 local educators on Sunday, May 19. Children from the church invited one favorite teacher and a guest. Members of the church who are educators were also invited to the special evening.

More than 70 guests sat at formal tables, and children were seated beside their teachers. Master Chef Cliff Sleigh prepared dinner and the children served.

The high point of the evening came after dessert when each child read an essay describing his or her favorite teacher, then presented the teacher with a medal.

“Mr. [Kevin] Theroux inspired me to love reading,” Polo Park Middle School student Iyan Warnick said.

“My mom teaches me… everything!” Levi Rushing said of his home school mom, Sarah Rushing.

“Coach Chris Masterdomini included me in his family… when my dad was going through some difficult times,” said William Herring of Wellington Christian School.

“Mrs. [Angela] Acevedo Martin wrote me a pass when I was late getting dressed,” Emerald Cove Middle School student Makaylah Williams said. “I really appreciated this because she knew if I got a detention my mom would kill me!”

Ruthie Otero of Okeeheelee Middle School sang “He’s Been Faithful.” Then Pastor Randy Clarke shared stories about great teachers like Annie Sullivan.

The church, located at 16401 Southern Blvd. in Loxahatchee, plans to hold the event again next year. For more info., visit

ABOVE: Rebekah Smith and teacher Nikki Fox.