MONItech Services Offers Security Systems And More

With its wide range of state-of-the-art security systems, MONItech Security Services strives to keep clients safe and protected.

Based in Wellington, owner Landy Peluso has another location in Panama City and is an exclusive dealer of monitored security systems from Monitronics International.

Previously a manager for Brinks Security, Peluso decided it was time to start his own security business. He received his security license in 1999 and opened his first physical location in 2005.

Through MONItech Security Services, Peluso is able to help people gain a sense of security. “I want people to feel safe and be able to protect their family and property,” he said. “People put millions of dollars into their homes and businesses, and they want to know that when they lock the door at night and someone tries to break in, the alarm is going to go off, the cameras are going to be recording, and the police are going to be sent.”

MONItech Security Services offers eight security technicians, who are specialized in educating clients on the various products available. In order to provide clients with the best security services available, security technicians do an initial consultation at a client’s home.

“99.9 percent of the clients have us come to their house because there is no reason for them to come into our offices,” Peluso said. “We have to look at their house in order to determine what they need.”

MONItech offers installation, maintenance and repair of alarms, cameras, intercoms, networking and surround sound. “We are able to do everything that involves low voltage,” Peluso said.

Whether a client lives locally or in another part of the world, MONItech is able to provide cutting-edge surveillance systems for clients’ added protection and security. “With all of our apps, you can see your house on your phone, computer, iPad, or any Android or Apple device,” Peluso said.

Peluso considers MONItech Security Services a one-stop shop for all security needs. “Many other companies just do alarms or surveillance, but we do the full gamut — the TVs, music, sound, networking, cameras, data and alarm,” he said.

Some of the most cutting-edge and innovative systems MONItech offers include an alarm system called the Lynx Touch. This system provides alerts on a client’s phone when someone enters the home.

“They can punch in their specific code, and the camera takes a snapshot of them and sends it to your phone to show that your child is home,” Peluso said. “Say you have a housekeeper, she punches her code in, and it will send you an alert as to what time she came and what time she left.”

This system gives clients greater control and additional security of their home, Peluso explained. “From anywhere in the world you can unlock your front door, adjust your thermostat and turn lights on — all from your smart phone,” he said.

With all the latest technology in security systems, clients are able to combine it with complete home automation. “All they need is a computer or cell phone, and they can take control of their home,” Peluso said.

If clients have an issue, they can dial technical support for help. “We help clients with whatever issues they have and make sure that they understand how to use the equipment properly,” Peluso said.

MONItech Security Services is located at 12230 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 110-UU, in Wellington. For more info., visit or call (561) 383-6551.


ABOVE: MONItech Security Services owner Landy Peluso.