New Boys & Girls Club Is A Reason To Celebrate

Last weekend, the Wellington community put aside its differences and came together to celebrate the grand opening of a bigger and better facility for our youth to learn, grow and play. The Neil S. Hirsch Family Boys & Girls Club will provide generations of children a safe place away from home, and it is because of support from the entire community that the facility is standing today. Funding came from Palm Beach County, from the Village of Wellington and from generous donors across the community, many who do not always see eye to eye on other issues in the village.

But last weekend, it wasn’t about politics or processes; it was about supporting an organization that has shaped the community for 25 years. Amid the facility tours, cotton candy and touching performances from talented kids, it was easy to see how the Boys & Girls Club has and will continue to be a positive force in Wellington. Many of our own professionals, leaders and residents grew up in its halls and on its ball fields. In the village’s infancy, the organization even provided necessary recreational programs for our children, meaning many of today’s adult leaders were once Boys & Girls Club kids. Though Wellington has grown into its own, the club still takes under its wing children and teens who need a safe place to go when their guardians are away from home.

The club has been crucial to Wellington’s development, teaching life lessons, promoting safe and responsible decisions, and helping our children to become better citizens. It is clear why the organization has drawn support from across the political spectrum: everyone benefits when children in need are well cared for. And when the club grew beyond its former home on South Shore Blvd., the community heeded the call for help. As a result, we now have a stunning 27,000-square-foot facility with plenty of room to grow. From music and art to sports and science, the next generation of Boys & Girls Club kids will have more opportunities to learn and explore before becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Though it is easy to get caught up in the here and now, we must remember what is important. Political climates will change; council members will come and go. But our community will continue to thrive and work toward a better future for our children. When it feels like Wellington is divided, we must celebrate that which brings us together, and there is no better cause to come together for than helping our children.

If you want to be a part of helping Wellington’s Boys & Girls Club, sponsorship opportunities are still available, and volunteers are always appreciated. For additional information, visit


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