RPBHS Dancers Perform ‘Chicago’

The Royal Palm Beach High School dancers performed Chicago for their spring show on May 1 in the school auditorium. The show was choreographed by master teacher and choreographer Michele Blecher. The dancers dedicated their spring show to James McClendon, whose life ended very sadly at a young age.

The spring dance performance is always filled with mixed emotions; happiness for the performance and a touch of sadness for it was the last time senior dancers will grace the RPBHS stage. There were 20 graduating seniors out of the 150 participating dancers. Graduating senior soloists included “Here Comes Goodbye” by Olivia Kuebler, “Girl on Fire” by Loren Estebanez, “Shot Gun” by Stacey Broder, “Slow Dance” by Anna Solomon and “Lights” by Kim Benavente.

The dancers performed to a full capacity audience. Highlights of the group dance routines started with “Overture/ All That Jazz” performed by the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team. Their use of the free standing stage settings were flawless, dancing up and down staircases, tables and chairs along with intricate lifts and a variety of blended dance styles. The next highlight was the Period 4 Dancers performing “They Both Reached for the Gun.” This routine was uniquely choreographed as a puppet and puppeteer routine, where dance partners are attached by red ribbons. This routine highlighted Bryce Blecher as Billy Flynn and Kim Benavente as Mary Sunshine lip-syncing to the music and dancing as a musical theater routine.

Period 5 Dancers were technically perfect using their derby and canes in their dance routine “Funny Honey.” Period 6 Dancers performed “All I Care About Is You,” which not only highlighted Andres Cazares but also included a soft-shoe segment. Period 7 Dancers performed a fun-filled character routine to “When You’re Good to Mama.” This dance included many difficult lifts and a musical theater flair.

After the grande finale “Love Is A Crime,” featuring all 150 dancers, Dance Director Michele Blecher gave an emotional speech to each individual graduating senior and presented honor chords to the four-year dancers.


ABOVE: Graduating seniors and senior soloists.