Stop By Madison Green June 8 To Help A Member Of Our Family

Over the years, we at the Town-Crier have seen our community do wonderful things. We band together to help those in need; from food and blood drives to auctions and dance marathons, the western communities does so much to give back. And amidst the ebb and flow of politics and other headlines, it is these stories — of neighbor helping neighbor — that truly define us.

Usually we use this space to remind our readers of important events, to opine on politics or encourage attendance at important events. Today we ask you to come together and support a member of our family.

Jason Budjinski is a longtime writer and editor for the Town-Crier who suffers from Crohn’s disease and primary sclerosing cholangitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the liver.

He needs a liver transplant and faces a long and costly road to recovery. To make matters worse, doctors recently found pre-cancerous cells on his colon, putting his ability to even have a transplant in jeopardy. He now must have several major surgeries.

It is not easy to watch someone you love suffering. As Jason’s weight dipped below 100 lbs. last year, we watched his recovery grow rockier. Now he must take in massive amounts of nutrients from a bag each day to try and get his weight up so he can withstand the surgeries.

His ability to work regular hours has been hindered, and following the transplant he will be unable to work at all while he recovers.

Though he has health insurance, costly medicine, multiple hospital stays and other expenses will quickly drain his funds. Knowing that, we at the Town-Crier, along with Jason’s family and friends, are hosting a fundraiser for the Jason Budjinski Surgery Relief Fund on Saturday, June 8.

Held at the Madison Green Golf Course (2001 Crestwood Blvd. North, Royal Palm Beach), the event will feature music, fun and food, along with raffles and silent auctions that will help benefit Jason’s medical fund.

Jason grew up in the western communities, playing T-ball on our fields and attending our local schools. He is a passionate musician, who has long shared his gift with the world, and he is a keen and diligent editor who is the voice behind our busy e-mail system, making sure your events, news, photos and accomplishments are seen by the community.

There is so much about Jason’s future that is at risk. He risks being denied a transplant, not finding a matching donor and not getting a liver on time. Once he has the surgery, he risks his body rejecting it.

Though we cannot give him good health, we can give him the peace of mind that he won’t have to struggle to pay his bills, or go without important medication, food or a roof over his head.

We ask that you do what you can to help Jason. If you cannot attend, you can donate online at or call (863) 484-0110. From the bottom of our hearts, from our family to yours, we thank you for all your help, thoughts and prayers.