Lt. Christopher Allen Undergoes Seabee Eval

Navy Lt. Christopher Allen, a 2000 graduate of Wellington High School, and other sailors assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 (NMCB-11) recently deployed to Camp Shelby, Miss., to begin their evaluated field exercise (FEX).

FEX consists of scenario-based training and assessments to certify the battalion as the “ready battalion.” Seabees will demonstrate knowledge and skills by satisfactorily completing predefined tasks, and appropriately reacting to drills facilitated by Naval Construction Group 2 (NCG-2).

The battalion must build up their self-contained operations at Camp Shelby with everything from command posts and a combat operations center to a galley and shower facilities. Operations will run 24 hours per day including fighting positions and watch-stations.

The length of FEX depends on how well the battalion performs. Any evolution that produces unsatisfactorily results must be repeated. Once NCG-2 is confident that NMCB-11 has demonstrated the required proficiency in all areas of evaluation, the exercise will end and NMCB-11 can return to Gulfport as the ready battalion.

NMCB-11 is a Seabee battalion specializing in contingency construction, disaster response and humanitarian assistance.