Divine Fitness Brings Passion And Fun To Personal Training


Beginning with a personal trainer might seem like a daunting task — being pushed to physical limits in a gym full of gawking onlookers is a tall order if a person is at all hesitant.

Many people imagine exercise as a scary endeavor that equates to more hours of work in an already crowded week.

But Divine Fitness, a private personal training studio in Wellington, is trying to change that perception by offering clients a fun and inviting approach to fitness.

Damon and Darren Divine — brothers, owners and personal trainers at Divine Fitness — share the philosophy that, when it comes to exercise, most people simply want to look and feel their best without the fear of failing in front of strangers and their instructor.

“Everybody should figure out a way to make fitness a part of their lifestyle,” Darren said, adding that a person doesn’t need to love working out to make time for it. Staying fit allows people to do what they love, longer.

The pair opened Divine Fitness after years of working in other fields, finally getting the opportunity to live their dream and become business owners when Darren moved to Wellington in 2007.

Both always had a passion for fitness, and after working in a corporate gym and building a steady clientele, the Divine brothers were ready to strike out on their own, together.

“We saw the things we would change if we had our own place,” Damon said of their time in the corporate gym setting.

He added that their training sessions are determined by the needs and goals of individual clients, not by an arbitrary calendar of rotating exercise routines. In essence, the Divines aim to keep every workout fresh, effective and stress-free for clients.

“We always try to make it enjoyable, so when you come in, it’s not such a chore,” Darren explained.

A walk through the studio tells a great deal about the culture of the people who work and work out there: a vibrant, blue wall keeps clients focused and at ease; the music is current and usually varies according to clients’ tastes, while a cork board full of photos of the Divines with friends, clients and loved ones show that working out at Divine Fitness means becoming part of the family.

Damon noted that one of the most rewarding parts of his job is helping his clients reach the fitness goals they set for themselves, and insisted that anybody with drive and dedication can do it.

“You don’t have to be an athlete to hit those goals, you just need to be determined,” he said.

The brothers explained there isn’t a typical client at their studio, and they have trained children as young as 10 and adults as old as 90.

“Divine Fitness is for anyone looking to be pushed a little or who just wants a great, safe workout experience,” Damon said.

Recently, the Divines hired Allyson Serrӑo, an elite runner, as their newest trainer. Serrӑo was a client who showed an interest in becoming a personal trainer herself, and when the time came to expand their staff, they reached out to her.

Since then, things have been going well, and Serrӑo’s passion for helping clients echoes their own. “We really enjoy training people,” Damon said.

“We always try to do a little bit more [for clients] and go the extra mile for them,” Darron added.

Divine Fitness is located at 3080 Fairlane Farms Road, Suite 3. For more information, call (561) 784-3333 or visit www.divine1fitness.com.

ABOVE: Brothers Damon and Darren Divine of Divine Fitness.


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