Acreage Teen Stars In Local Indie Film

Fifteen-year-old Jazmine Williams from The Acreage rode in a limo and walked the red carpet as star of a new indie film 2057: Return to Zombie Island, which premiered Friday, July 26 at the Mos’ Art Theatre in Lake Park.

The film is a sequel to 2056: Escape from Zombie Island, both produced and directed by Gary Davis, also from The Acreage, where parts of both movies were filmed.

In the film, the world was nearly destroyed by war after Asian powers dropped weapons of mass destruction.

By 2057, the world is trying to hold on after a reign of destruction. People are living like they did in the past, but not everyone.

Some still maintain their military outfits even though there are no more real armies, or countries, at least not like there used to be.

In both films, Williams plays a young, passionate army private who is part of a multi-island republic. In 2056, her enemies plan to control the balance of power by any and all means possible. When things get out of control, she helps save the day by flying one of the last planes around with the heroes, off Zombie Island.

In the sequel, she once again saves the day by landing a plane in trouble safely back on the island.

Williams has also appeared in two other films by Davis, She is a Spy shot last summer and The Spanish Inn when she was 7 years old. She is a student at Palm Beach Gardens High School and a member of the Girl Scouts. She loves modeling, singing, acting, writing short stories and poetry.

ABOVE: Jazmine Williams starred in her second film produced and directed by Gary Davis.