Back-To-School Tips From Huntington Learning Center Of Wellington

It is back-to-school time, and if summer has been filled with trips to the pool, hanging out with friends, television, video games and other leisurely activities, now is the time to transition from summer to school mode.

“We always encourage families to relax and enjoy the less-structured pace of summertime,” said Mary Fisher of the Wellington Huntington Learning Center. “However, there are several things you can do toward the end of summer break that are immensely helpful in getting students ready to return to the classroom.”

Fisher offers these six back-to-school tips:

1. Set goals. Goal-setting is a great way to help kids reflect on last school year and think ahead about what they want to accomplish and avoid this year. Talk about the things children are excited and anxious about, and have them set several goals and measurable milestones. Do this just before classes start or during the first week of school.

2. Organize the desk and home. Get the house back into “school shape” by designating spots for important school papers that come home, a family calendar, backpacks, shoes, jackets and a homework station. Homework stations could be a desk in a bedroom or other room. Make sure the space is stocked with the supplies students will need for the school year, and have kids help get the space ready.

3. Reestablish a schedule. Talk about the school-day routine, including wake-up time, school hours, homework time, dinner time and any extracurricular activities in which the children will participate in during the week. In the week or two before school, try to have them go to bed and wake up at approximately the same times as during the school year.

4. Review school work and information. Being prepared will help ease into the first weeks of school. Review assignments, spelling words and other work from the previous school year. Amp up reading in these final few weeks of summer. And find out as much as possible about what is to come: teacher, class schedule, classroom locations and more.

5. Set a positive tone. Children who struggled last year might dread going back to school, so it is important to help them get into the right mindset for school success. Let students know that you are there to support them no matter what. Talk about things they are looking forward to this year, and offer ideas if they need some encouragement and point out some of the good parts of last year. Be optimistic and encourage them to embrace the same outlook.

6. Arrange for tutoring help if needed. If last year was difficult, don’t wait to reach out for help this year. Help build students’ skills, preparedness and confidence with a customized, one-to-one tutoring program. Call Huntington Learning Center of Wellington to discuss needs and schedule a diagnostic evaluation before the new school year begins.

For more information about one-on-one tutoring programs, contact Fisher at (561) 594-1900 or or visit