Sacred Heart Prepares Students For College

Sacred Heart School is shaping the next generation of leaders as it prepares its students for college.

Located in the heart of Lake Worth, Sacred Heart School is the second-oldest Catholic School in Palm Beach County. It puts a focus on technology.

“All of our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, Wi-Fi is available throughout the school, our computer lab offers 30 world languages via Rosetta Stone software and the middle-school textbooks are on iPads, which the students get to take home,” Principal Candace Tamposi said.

The high-tech environment found at Sacred Heart isn’t the only aspect of the private school that sets it apart. Sacred Heart is committed to providing an inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of every child from the most gifted learner to those with unique learning differences.

“Our faculty realizes that learning is a life-long formation process and the key to future professional success,” Tamposi said.

The Cathleen McFarlane Ross Learning Lab and the Sacred Heart School Montessori Academy for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten are evidence of that commitment.

In addition to academics, Sacred Heart has strong athletics, music and arts programs. In 2010, the school’s varsity basketball team won first place in the diocese. The co-ed soccer teams placed second in diocesan competition with other schools during 2012 and 2013. The school also has basketball, cheerleading, swimming and golf teams.

The music program provides a unique music experience for students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. This year, the program will unveil its own recording studio with Pro Tools, a digital audio workstation for Microsoft Windows, and Garage Band, a software application made by Apple that allows users to make music or podcasts.

The Sacred Heart art program is designed for creative problem solving. The format provides a way for many children of different learning styles to experience art in a positive way. The program works with Norton Museum of Art and is part of the Progressive Afterschool Art Community Education program.

Sacred Heart has been providing high-quality, Christ-centered education for more than 65 years. In 2009, the school faced a financial crisis; the community demonstrated their commitment with gifts of substantial financial resources. Since then, the school has opened its doors to accepting numerous available scholarships. This financial assistance has made Catholic education within reach for numerous families. However, families who enroll their children in Sacred Heart are not limited to families of the Catholic faith, but generally are families who are seeking a Christ-centered education for their children.

Excellence in both academic and moral education for its students is what Sacred Heart continues to practice. The school would not be able to do so without the generous financial support of the community and its donors, and the countless hours spent by volunteers.

For more information about Sacred Heart School, call (561) 582-2242 or visit at 410 North M Street in Lake Worth. Learn more at

ABOVE: Sacred Heart Principal Candace Tamposi joins students in showing off some of the advanced technology available at the school.