Alker Releases Second DVD For Back Pain Sufferers

Wellington resident and postural alignment specialist Cheryl Alker has released a second DVD to follow Free Yourself from Back Pain. Her latest offering is titled Core for Life and is aimed at unraveling the mysteries of the core with a workout that would not only challenge an elite athlete, but facilitate people to take a proactive approach to their back pain.

Alker has worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 30 years, and for the past 14 years has specialized in the niche area of flexibility, core strength and postural alignment.

“I have worked with thousands of people over the past 30 years, and sadly a high percentage of these clients have been plagued with back pain,” Alker said. “The majority of back pain I deal with is a result of short tight muscles drawing the bones out of alignment, causing poor joint mobility, poor functionality, pain and discomfort. Once their alignment issues have been addressed with my flexibility program, and we start to work with a more neutrally aligned body, then and only then am I able to train clients in my core strength program.”

Alker said her workouts are based on the premise that humans learn from understanding, not copying. It is through understanding that results are gained; and the results speak for themselves.

“My clients are my testimonial,” Alker said. “Many write wonderful cards to tell me that the knowledge I have empowered them with have changed their lives.”

The DVD Core for Life is an in-depth journey that unravels the mysteries of achieving a powerful and stable core, so viewers are able to enjoy life with a strong and healthy back, improved posture and superior levels of balance and strength.

The Core for Life DVD is essential for people of all ages, from office workers to top athletes, and is a vital tool for anyone suffering with back, neck or shoulder pain.

For more information on the Stretch Results program or Alker’s DVDs, or how to work with Alker on a one-to-one basis or attend a group class, call her at (561) 889-3738, e-mail or visit

ABOVE: Cheryl Alker’s new DVD, Core for Life, is now available.