Free, Bipartisan Workshop Oct. 16 In Boynton Beach

The public is invited to a free, bipartisan workshop hosted by the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County and the Voting Rights Coalition on Oct. 16 in Boynton Beach.

“Constituent Power: Turning Ideas into Laws” will be held from 10 a.m. to noon at the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County (2300 High Ridge, Boynton Beach).

State Rep. Patrick Rooney Jr. (R-District 85) will discuss turning an idea into a bill, including how a legislator collects information and support for ideas, evaluates a proposal’s impact on budgets, people and laws, assessing possibility of passage and drafting the actual bill.

Todd Bonlarron, legislative affairs director for Palm Beach County, will discuss turning a bill into a law. His presentation will talk about interactions among Palm Beach County organizations, committee assignments, lobbying for a bill, and what rules about voting and readings impact eventual passage.

State Rep. Mark Pafford (D-District 86) will discuss constituent power, describing the role and activities of the Palm Beach County delegation in the 2014 legislative session, the importance of committees, gaining party acceptance and support of the speaker and party leadership and negotiations, compromise and amendments to bills. In addition, he will update attendees on potential legislation to expect in 2014.

The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County is a nonpartisan political organization of women and men of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging informed and active participation in government through education and advocacy. The league believes voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.

The Voting Rights Coalition is a non-partisan advocacy coalition with member organizations throughout Palm Beach County.

For more information, call (561) 276-4898 or visit