PalmCon Heads To PBC Convention Center Sept. 21

Fans of comics, anime, video games or popular movies and shows such as Star Wars, Superman or The Walking Dead can attend the one-of-a-kind PalmCon: The Palm Beach Comic Book and Collectibles Show, which moves to the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Sept. 21 to occupy more than 50,000 square feet of convention space.

Since its beginning in 2011, PalmCon has striven to bring Palm Beach County the best in comics, animation and pop culture, while providing a fun and safe, family friendly atmosphere.

The show will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the convention center, located at 650 Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach. Admission is $9 for adults at the door, $7 in advance (online), $5 for kids 4-13 at the door and $4 in advance (online). It’s free for children 3 and under.

This event grew out of show organizer Martin T. Pierro’s love for the small hotel and mall comic shows that were a staple of his childhood days in West Palm Beach. With the heightened interest in comic book characters in recent blockbuster hits (The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and The Dark Knight Rises), it was a perfect time to bring the shows back to Palm Beach County.

Organizers are happy to have film and television actor Deep Roy as a guest. He is widely recognized for his role as all of the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roy also holds the honor of being the only actor to appear on screen in all three major science-fiction franchises: Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. He has also appeared in Transformers, The NeverEnding Story, Flash Gordon and Return to Oz, including a recurring role in the HBO series Eastbound and Down.

Other media guests include Jim Decker (known for roles in Little Creeps, My Name is Earl and Mantrap) and Robert Z’Dar, actor and film producer best known for his roles in Maniac Cop, Cherry 2000 and Tango and Cash.

PalmCon will also play host to some top names in comics including Ethan Van Sciver, known for his work at DC Comics on Green Lantern, the Flash and most recently Batman. Returning this year will be comic book legend Jose Delbo, an industry veteran working on titles such as Wonder Woman, Transformers, The Twilight Zone and The ThunderCats.

Joining for the first time will be special guest artist Allen Bellman, best known for his work on Captain America in the 1940s at the start of the “golden age of comic books.” Also making a rare convention appearance will be Carlos Castellanos, the co-creator of the wildly popular, nationally syndicated comic strip Baldo.

Other attractions at PalmCon will include an appearance by the 501st Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs known for their movie-accurate Star Wars costumes and community involvement. Also arriving in time for the show will be a replica of the Ghostbusters car Ecto-1 along with the Carolina and Miami Ghostbusters fan groups. And as an added bonus to PalmCon this year, the Art of Akira exhibit features original, hand-panted cells and production art from Japan’s most famous animated film, Akira.

PalmCon is represented by most of the major comic shops in South Florida with more than 100 vendors, artists, publishers and filmmakers.

Attendees will enjoy raffle drawings, a costume contest, and the indie-film screening room showing short films created by local filmmakers.

Interested in exhibiting at the 2013 PalmCon? Contact Pierro at or call (561) 601-4137. Tickets are now available and can be purchased at the door or online. For more information, visit