Polo Park Teachers Plan To Build Garden

Polo Park Middle School science teacher Ryan Smith and math teacher Matt Besman recently learned that they would be the recipients of a 2013 License for Learning Grant.

The grant, which is funded by “Support Education” license plates, will be used to support the design, construction and maintenance of a school garden.

The two teachers came up with the idea for the garden while discussing ways in which they could get their students more actively involved in the learning process.

They decided that the garden would not only be the perfect opportunity for their students to apply what they had learned in the classroom, but also that it would also give them a sense of pride and ownership in the school. Smith’s science classes have already begun practicing for the garden by running student-designed experiments inside of the classroom.

Many of the students have already asked if some of their plants can be transplanted to the garden, and they are excited to add their own special touches throughout the process.

The grants were given out at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 25, and the teachers are planning to begin construction on the garden next week.

ABOVE: Polo Park Middle School teachers Matt Besman and Ryan Smith.