Several Genbu-Kai Karate Students Advance In Rank

Junior and adult students from the Genbu-Kai Karate school recently tested and were promoted in different areas of their training. The students tested for kyu levels (below black belt) in karate, kobudo (Okinawan weapons) and batto-do (the art of cutting with the Japanese katana).

Genbu-Kai Karate not only emphasizes self defense, but also incorporates methods in preventing bullying either at school or other social encounters. Most importantly, Genbu-Kai Karate teaches valuable life skills, which students learn to incorporate in their school, family and social lives.

Located next to the Wellington movie theater, Genbu-Kai Karate teaches traditional Japanese martial arts. All ages are welcome to come in and try a complimentary week.

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ABOVE: (Front row, L-R) Eden Martin and Joshua Cammarata (kobudo); (back row) Catherine Mazzella (batto), Sensei Keith Moore and Brent Bedwell (kobudo).