Resident Graduation Ceremony

The Palm Beach Centre for Graduate Medical Education (PBCGME) residency program recently held its graduation reception at Breakers West Country Club. Regional Director of Medical Education Dr. Bradley Feuer hosted the presentation. Special thanks to Administrative Director Joanne Guccio and the departmental training office for making this a special event. Founded in 1974, PBCGME is an accredited consortium approved for 124 training positions in seven different postgraduate programs based out of four HCA East Florida Division hospitals. (Front row) Crystal Raines, ADME St. Lucie Medical Center; Joanne Guccio, ADME Palms West Hospital/Lead Consortium ADME; Cara Cataldo, ADME West Palm Hospital; Ashley Todres-Zeidman, ADME University Hospital & Medical Center; and Pinal Gandhi-Savdas, ADSE; (middle row) Dr. Randi Sperling, DME Palms West Hospital/Program Director Pediatrics, Dr. Erin Toller Artis, Pediatrics; Dr. Lily Wiedrich, Pediatrics; Dr. Sima Kurland, Pediatrics; Dr. Beth Card, Pediatrics; Dr. Anne Chau Vo, Pediatrics; Dr. Robin Shecter, Program Director, Dermatology; and Dr. Noelle Steward, Internal Medicine; and (back row) Dr. Laurie Lenz, Dermatology; Dr. Daniel Nimmo, Intern; Dr. FarzadKarkvandeian, Intern; Dr. Daniel Hohler, Intern; Dr. Rege Turner, Intern; Dr. David Stern, DME West Palm Hospital/Program Director IM; and Dr. Bradley Feuer, Regional DME.