RPBHS Students Host Holocaust Survivor

The Holocaust Cross Curriculum Week and Assembly Program at Royal Palm Beach High School started with teachers from different disciplines taking the time to teach about the Holocaust to their classes.

The week ended with an assembly where more than 20 teachers and 600 students shared their knowledge and lessons learned during the program.

Principal Jesus Armas opened up the assembly and the choir performed songs about the Holocaust. Maureen Carter, Holocaust curriculum program planner, addressed the students and introduced the guest speaker, Norman Frajman, a survivor of five camps in Poland. He captivated the audience with his life story and struggle to survive.

Frajman brought a shirt that he wore in the prison camp that he was able to keep after he was liberated. “Overall it was a great week, in which we had teachers working together to teach an important part of world history, and it gave students a chance to learn what happened in the Holocaust first hand from survivor,” Darrel Schwartz said.

The students will take away from this week the lessons learned about the importance of citizenship and democracy, as well as zero tolerance for bullying and respecting everyone regardless of background, color, religion and personal preferences.

ABOVE: Members of the choir along with RPBHS staff and Norman Frajman.