Equestrian Preserve Group Opens Season

The Landowners of the Equestrian Preserve held its first meeting of the season Thursday, Nov. 14. The social gathering was a great success with more than 50 people attending.

Attendees included Wellington Mayor Bob Margolis, Councilman Matt Willhite and former Mayor Tom Wenham. Also attending was Melissa McKinlay, candidate for county commission.

While last week’s meeting was a social event, organizer Houston Meigs said that upcoming meetings would focus on developing initiatives in the Equestrian Overlay Zoning District. Highest on the list is a proposed change in the way grooms’ quarters may be calculated. Meigs said that he would like to see the Landowners of the Equestrian Preserve form a task force to develop input into this change as it relates to residential neighborhoods within the Equestrian Overlay Zoning District. The zoning change is currently before Wellington’s Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board pending a workshop for further study.

If you have interest in the issue, e-mail landownersofequestrianpreserve@gmail.com.