Equestrian Trails Walks, Bikes To School

Equestrian Trails Elementary School recently participated in International Walk to School Day. Families were encouraged to walk or ride to school, followed by lessons taught in the classrooms by physical education department staff on bike and pedestrian safety.

The event was not only to stress the importance of safety, but also to increase student physical activity, lessen vehicular traffic on and around campus, limit automobile pollution and use less gas. Students who participated had a great time as they cruised in listening to “walking” tunes and received prizes.

“We had a huge turnout and plan to do it once a month,” Principal Michele Johnson said. “We are ‘going green.’”

Organized by the Partnership for a Walkable America, Walk to School Day in the USA began in 1997 as a one-day event aimed at building awareness for the need for walkable communities. In 2000, the event became international when the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States joined for the first International Walk to School Day. Growing interest in participation all over the world led the International Walk to School Committee to shift its promotion to International Walk to School Month for the entire month of October.

ABOVE: Equestrian Trails students bike and walk to school.