Four Students Win Steward Essay Contest

Four Palm Beach County students recently won the Stewards of America Essay Awards. Students won first place in the middle school category, and first, second and third places in the high school category.

The goal of the essay awards contest was to promote the mission of Stewards of America LLC, which is to conserve natural environments for the next generation by inspiring the future Stewards of America.

Laurie Laborde and Stephanie Maravankin of Wellington High School won second and third place, respectively, in the high school category.

Sarah Palumbo, an eighth-grader at Eagles Landing Middle School last year, won first place.

“Stewardship means the observation, management, and care given to something by a steward; specifically those critical natural gifts that are found in the environment that we want to protect for future generations,” she wrote.

JhanelleBisasor, a senior at Suncoast High School, won the first-place award.

“As humans, the responsibility to conserve resources is particularly poignant, especially considering the poor effort that we are currently putting forth,” she wrote. “It is the prime objective of all species to survive and provide for the survival of future generations… In order for our species to survive and flourish, it is crucial that we conserve resources for sustainable use by future generations.”

First- and second-place winners were awarded with a sterling silver stewardship ring of their choice. Third place winners received an environmental T-shirt.

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