Great Season For Pirates Baseball

The Emerald Cove Middle School boys baseball team made it to the county semifinals in the “final four” out of 36 middle schools county wide. It was a record-breaking season for the Pirates to advance so far in the district tournament, and the Emerald Cove baseball program remains one of the top in the county. The team is led by head coach Lou Todaro and assistant coach Rob Costenza. The team members are: Jonathan Fortunato, Jordan Travis, Logan Fiore, Guillermo Garcia, Joe Corona, Dane Dorsainvil, Tyler Barella, Jake Simon, James Myers, Jimmy Behar, Zac Lampton, Griffin Lampton, Calvin Johnson, Chris Cedeno, Cameron Mahorn, Jermey Neff, Jason Neff and Jared Tapia. Emerald Cove congratulates the team on a great season.

ABOVE: The Emerald Cove Middle School boys baseball team.