Robotics And Mechatronics Workshop At TKA

The King’s Academy recently hosted a four-session robotics and mechatronics workshop, led by Don Chambers, a world-renowned robotics expert.

Seventeen students enjoyed learning math, science and technology in a hands-on context. “I loved robotics because we were able to program the robots to respond to different stimuli,” seventh grader Lauren Arrington said.

Students worked with breadboards and electrical components and built a robot car that responded and reacted to light and dark and to infrared signals, sounds and temperature. Students were able to keep their robot creations at the end of the workshop.

“I enjoyed the creativity in robotics. Making the sound-sensing car was my favorite moment of the robotics club,” seventh grader John Prieschl said.

“The robotics workshop held last month was a highly anticipated event that did not disappoint. Based on its success, we plan on offering another opportunity to secondary students next semester,” TKA Secondary Principal Sonya Jones said.

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ABOVE: Lauren Arrington at the workshop.