Golden Grove Wins Model School Award

“Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project: A Multi-Tiered Support System for Behavior” at the University of South Florida recently announced its final determination of 2013 Model Schools, and Golden Grove Elementary School in The Acreage was named a Bronze Model School.

Bronze Model School status entails implementation of a comprehensive system of support at the core (Tier 1) level that ultimately improves student outcomes. This is evident through the framework of Golden Grove’s Universal Guidelines — Gators ROCK (“R” for Respect and Responsibility, “O” for Ownership, “C” for Citizenship and “K” for Kindness).

“Having a set of universal expectations that everyone embraces has made such a positive impact on our school culture,” School Counselor Lori Bednarek said.

The theme is infused throughout the school by expectations taught and posted around campus for all staff members. Teachers implement classroom management systems directly tied with the Universal Guidelines.

“For me, ROCK means that I have to respect others, own my actions for everything that I do, be a good citizen by treating others the way I would want to be treated and be kind to everyone that I know. I also need to be a good listener so that I can follow the directions that the teacher gives to me,” said Jake Ryan, a fifth-grade student.

At Golden Grove, students are recognized for being a “Rock Star” with “Rockin’ Good News” postcards that are mailed home, among a menu of items from their continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviors.

“Focusing on the positive makes such a difference in a school environment,” Assistant Principal Philip Preddy said. “When you are always looking for the good, the students aspire to be recognized, and therefore strive to do the right thing. Our Gators ROCK at Golden Grove!”

The school will receive a banner and a certificate from Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project in addition to being listed on the FLPBS web site. Golden Grove may serve as a demonstration site for other schools looking to implement a multi-tiered system of support for behavior, not to mention its potential contribution to the field through the development of resources.