TKA Hosts International Student Picnic

Students from the King’s Academy took part in a special picnic at Patch Reef Park on Sunday, Nov. 17.

The event was held for the school’s international student population, along with the host families who care for the students during their stay.

Authentic Asian foods were served, and students and families enjoyed traditional American picnic games together, including an introduction to a very messy “egg-toss” event.

TKA has been formally educating international students for the past two years and has 21 students on campus representing China and South Korea. The school plans to expand the international program in the next few years.

“Having an international program on campus makes us better,” program director Brian Burrage said. “The presence of learners from new cultures expands our curriculum, increases our world perspective and helps us better prepare our students to be successful in an increasingly global marketplace.”

ABOVE: TKA International students with host families and staff.