Village Should Buy The Lake Wellington Professional Centre

This week, the Wellington Village Council considered a proposal that could make the Lake Wellington Professional Centre part of the developing Wellington Town Center complex.

With the Wellington Municipal Complex, the Wellington Community Center, the Wellington Aquatics Complex, the Wellington Amphitheater and Scott’s Place playground, the site has become the heart of Wellington, drawing residents from across the community to events.

But the community is quickly outgrowing the space, even though it’s fairly new. From the popular Food Truck Invasion to seniors luncheons, holiday performances, swim meets and more, the area is constantly buzzing with activity. With the planned community center expansion, Wellington will be able to offer residents even more opportunities to get out and enjoy themselves.

With the proposed purchase of the Lake Wellington Professional Centre, Wellington has the opportunity to grab a piece of land that could benefit residents for years to come. Ideally located just west of the pool, the site could one day serve as a much-needed expansion to facilities.

Of course, there are the businesses to think of. The Lake Wellington Professional Centre has served as a business hub for many years, housing some of Wellington’s most well-known businesses. Small businesses are the lifeblood of this community, and the village must be careful not to displace local businesses already in the center.

But with Village Manager Paul Schofield estimating that Wellington would need eight to 10 years to recoup the $5 million cost of the site, the village has an opportunity to cultivate and grow the business community in the area while setting aside what will be valuable land for future public use.

There are plenty of ways Wellington could use the site, chief among them a senior center. Although plans for the community center have taken senior needs into consideration, many have pushed for a dedicated senior space, and this could be an opportunity for Wellington to give seniors their own place. There isn’t any land left for Wellington to acquire without encroaching on homes, and the village would be smart to snap the site up.

Years ago, when Wellington first considered buying the site that now houses the Town Center complex, some questioned the purchase. But the property has become integral to Wellington’s expanded services, allowing the village to continue to grow.

There is still a lot to be negotiated, but we believe purchasing the Lake Wellington Professional Centre is a smart move that will benefit Wellington in the long run.