WPB’s Bass Egg Partners With Palm Beach County Schools

West Palm Beach-based Bass Egg has announced a donation of $30,000 in Bass Egg speakers to the School District of Palm Beach County for use as teaching tools in technology and career education programs.

“Music is Science,” an innovative initiative, equips teachers in the career and technical education programs with a Bass Egg.

The portable device turns everyday objects into a robust speaker by transferring vibrations into any object.

“We are not just giving a one-time donation, but want to be supporters of public education and a constant presence in our schools and our community,” co-founder Jonathan Bouchlas said.

Music brings people from all backgrounds together, Bouchlas added.

Bass Egg and the School District of Palm Beach County will partner to bridge the gap between traditional education and a young student populace that thrives on innovation, technology and creativity.

Physics, engineering and technology, critical areas to career and technical education, will use the Bass Egg to solidify complex concepts using the science of music as a learning tool.

“The Department of Choice and Career Options is dedicated to preparing students for careers in a global-tech society,” said Jay Boggess, career and technical education administrator for the School District of Palm Beach County. “By partnering with local businesses, we are able to develop partnerships that help both our students and communities to create a Palm Beach County that prepares for the future by focusing on today.”

For more information, or to involve your school in “Music is Science,” contact Jay Boggess at jay.boggess@palmbeachshools.org or (561) 357-5942.