Brahman Motorcars Hosts Kickoff For ACS ‘Main Event’

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, sponsors of the American Cancer Society’s Island of Palm Beach Gala were honored at Braman Motorcars in West Palm Beach as a kickoff for “The Main Event,” which will take place at the Mar-a-Lago Club on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Hosted by gala co-chairman Vince Cerone and Braman Motorcars, this gala precursor recognized individuals and corporate sponsors who are supporting the 56th annual Palm Beach Gala, which raises funds to finish the fight against cancer.

“Our pre-event is a way to show our most sincere gratitude to all of the sponsors who have helped make the American Cancer Society’s gala a huge success,” said Thomas Quick, the American Cancer Society Island of Palm Beach Unit board chairman. “Because of their support, the American Cancer Society is able to work tirelessly to eliminate cancer as a major health problem, take steps to prevent cancer, or find it at its earliest, most treatable stage, and fund research that helps us understand, prevent and cure cancer.”

Attendees included Mr. and Mrs. Vince Cerone, Mark Cook, Helen Berstein, Dr. Elizabeth Bowden, Helaine and Eddy Cantor, George Cloutier, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dupuis, Susan Furman and Bob Holuba, Arlette Gordon, Carol Jenkins-Jaeger, Doug Luce and Crissy Poorman, Thomas C. Quick, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Spero, and James Zahringer.

This year’s gala will feature a guest appearance from former WBA Lightweight Champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, who held the title from 1982 to 1984.

For more information, tickets or sponsorship opportunities, contact Michelle Jaminet at (561) 655-3449.

ABOVE: Arlette Gordon, Vince Cerone and Elizabeth Bowden.